Personal Styling


I was all about my thoughts, my work, my inspiration. I was always in hair. – Vidal Sassoon

Mr. John Flores approaches each client opportunity as both a scientific endeavor and an artistic venture.

Using the latest techniques and developments in cosmetology research, Mr. John Flores provides his clients a uniquely scientific approach to ensuring that their color and style are precise and meticulously detailed to the last strand.

Creatively, your hair is an expression of your own identity. It is unique and individual while every strand and every hue of your color is a language that is only spoken by you. Mr. John Flores works with every client under these uniform principals to deliver a style that is uniquely and expressively ‘you.’

Prior consultations are highly recommended prior to appointments.

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Styling Services

Haircut – $20
Beard – $10

Haircut – $20
Blowout – $10
Up-Do’s – $50

Hair Color/Color Corrections
Starting at $65/hr